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The Standards: Morgan, Quinn, Jordon, Nic and Nathan Williams

Welcome to...
 The Standards Official Promotional Team site.
Our Mission

We are here to exchange ideas to further the music career of The Standards: Jordon, Morgan, Nicholas, Nathan, and Quinn Williams. We do this by word of mouth, promoting local concerts, supporting radio campaigns, emailing, hanging posters, flyers, hanging signs and just by spreading the word about this talented group!


Becoming a Member

If you would like informations about becoming a member of The Standards Official Promotional Team, Lara will send you all the information you need to know, and what you need to send to Susan in order to join. Please feel free to contact Lara at:


Promo Team Mailing List

We also have a mailing list/message board to keep our members updated.  After your membership approval, please join so the Promo Team can make a collaboration of all thoughts and ideas in order to support The Standards.


This site is maintained and updated by The Standards,
 and members of their Promotional Team.
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